Updated:  September 15th, 2017

"Director's Notes"

Parent Volunteer matrix and Megan's Law.pdf


Congratulations Spirit of Great Oak - Disneyland Community Arts Showcase, Mon. Nov. 27th, 2017




September 11th-15th




Friday Rehearsal Schedule: 6-9 PM


September 18th-23rd




Evening Rehearsal (6-9 PM)





7th Period: Rehearsal 2:45-3:30 PM





Evening Rehearsal (6-9 PM)

Middle School "Band Night" Music Rehearsal at GOHS (6:00-7:30 PM)





7th Period: 2:45-3:30 PM





Friday Night Lights!

Great Oak vs Upland (Band Night!)


02:45 PM    Attendance Block

02:50 PM    Warm-up

03:00 PM    Half-Time Field Show Review

03:30 PM    Pre-Game Review w/Middle School Students (in the GOHS)

03:55 PM    Pre-Game Full Run Through

04:00 PM    Break

04:05 PM    Sectionals

04:30 PM    Announcements & Dismissal to Dinner (Provided)

04:45 PM    Dinner

05:30 PM    Get into "Red Wave"

06:00 PM    Attendance Block

06:05 PM    Stretch & Warm-up

06:20 PM    Tune & Move to Staging

06:30 PM    March to the Stadium

06:45 PM    Pre-Game Performance

07:00 PM    Kick-Off

09:00 PM    Estimated Game Time Ending (Middle School Student Pick up in front of the Gym, near the Band Trailers)





Saturday Morning Rehearsal (8-11 AM) - Part 2 Focus


September 25th-30th




UK Adventure Guest Performances in the GOHS PAC

(Red Wave)

02:30 PM    Front Ensemble Set-up & Plug in (main stage apron)

05:15 PM    Combined Jazz Ensemble Call Time

05:20 PM    Warm up & Tune

05:30 PM    Combined Jazz Ensemble Set (as guests arrive)

- Children of Sanchez

- September

-Watermelon Man

-25 or 6 to 4

05:45 PM    Spirit Band & Guard Call Time

05:50 PM    Sr. Jazz Combo Performance

-Pick up the Pieces

-Soulful Strut

05:55 PM   Drum Line Staging & Wind Staging

06:00 PM   Welcome & Introduce Mr. Gary Locke

06:01 PM   Drum Line Cadence

06:05 PM   Go Big Red (We Thank You)

06:07 PM   Opener

06:10 PM   Celebration!

06:14 PM   Cadence Exit


UK Adventure Info. Night Continues (6:15-7:30 PM)

Evening Rehearsal Continues (6:30-9 PM)





7th Period: Rehearsal 2:45-3:30 PM

(SRFTA Runner Bag Stuffing Session #1)





Evening Rehearsal (6-9 PM)





7th Period: 2:45-3:30 PM

(SRFTA Runner Bag Stuffing Session #2)





Friday Rehearsal Schedule: 6-9 PM





(Red Wave)


05:30 AM    Set up shift begins

06:00 AM    Stage is set up on the 50 yard line (drum set, piano, and rhythm section)

07:00 AM    Combined Jazz Ensemble Call Time

07:05 AM    Set up (Stadium)

07:10 AM    Warm-up

07:15 AM    Spirit of Great Oak Call Time

-Attendance Block


-Staging behind the Gym

07:25 AM    Combined Jazz Ensemble Set Begins

- Children of Sanchez

- September

- Announcements

-Watermelon Man

-25 or 6 to 4

07:40 AM    The Spirit of Great Oak Parades into the Stadium (Reverse Parade Block)

-Go Big Red

-GOHS Fight Song


07:50 AM Parade Block to the Start of the Race

07:55 AM Runners at the Start

08:00 AM Spirit Run for the Arts Begins!

08:00 AM David, Tanner (and others?) begin set (stadium main stage)

08:15 AM Musicians Set begins

Music continues with announcements overhead, stadium

08:45 AM Musicians Set concludes with announcements continuing overhead

08:50 AM Break down of the musicians stage set up begins

09:00 AM Awards Ceremony Begins

09:00 AM Break down of race registration tables and chairs begins

09:30 AM Race Awards Ceremony Concludes

09:30 AM Race take down shift begins

11:00 AM Done



This is BIG! 


Our biggest fun(!)raiser of the Fall


Spirit Run Flyer.2017.pdf


Students will be performing & running/walking earning sponsorships of $100




Students will be performing & getting 4 runners/walkers to join the event


Going on the UK Adventure?  Get sponsors to donate toward your cause! 


Saturday September 30th, 2017


2017-18 Spirit of Great Oak Leadership


2017-18 SOGO Drum Majors & Captains
Mindy Thrasher Sr. Drum Major
Matthew Klint Sr. Drum Major
Savannah Schaffer Jr. Drum Major
Drew Miller Jr. Drum Major
Kamaile Elderts Sr. Brass Captain
Kathryn Vann Jr. Brass Captain
JT Smith Sr. Woodwind Captain
Logan LaRue Jr. Woodwind Captain
Elizabeth Moniz Sr. Visual Captain
Dean Arendon Jr. Visual Captain
James Taylor Drum Captain
Marisol Rivera-Ramirez Front Ensemble Captain
Lacey Brunke Sr. Guard Co-Captain
Abby Flores Sr. Guard Co-Captain
Aurora Nelson Jr. Guard Captain
2017-18 SOGO Section Leaders
Elizabeth Moniz Flute Section Leader
Sara Gamboa Flute Section Leader
Lori Parker Clarinet Section Leader
Logan LaRue Alto Section Leader
Karl Adriano Alto Section Leader
Trevor Sliwienski Tenor Sax Section Leader
Katrina Garay TBC Section Leader
JT Smith TBC Section Leader
Chandler Rice Trumpet Section Leader
Madison Mackay Trumpet Section Leader
Jassmyn Lopez Mellophone Section Leader
Kamaile Elderts Tenor Brass Section Leader
Luke Cato Tuba Section Leader
2017-18 SOGO Leadership Council
Avery Snyder President
Bradley Beggs Vice President
Nina Gaff Secretary
Chayanin Suksunpantep Treasurer
Madeleine Curtis Color Guard Rep
Alivia Lundquist Drum Line Rep
Lauren Buckley Concert/Jazz Rep.
Ben Burdick-Rutz Jazz Ensemble Rep.
2017-18 SOGO Management Team - NEW!
Ben Doerges Equipment Manager - F. Ensemble
Nariya McGee Equipment Manager - Woodwinds
Abigail Jorgenson Equipment Manager - Brass
Damien Broadhead Equipment Manager - Battery
Megan Grauf-Hollencamp Equipment Manager - Guard
TBA   Uniform Manager - F. Ensemble
TBA   Uniform Manager - Woodwinds
TBA   Uniform Manager - Brass
TBA   Uniform Manager - Battery
TBA   Uniform Manager - Guard


3rd Period Jazz Ensemble Results for 2017-18

Instrument First Name Last Name
Clarinet Lauren Charney
Clarinet Josh Dolled
Clarinet Rex Landis
Clarinet Lori Parker
Clarinet Skylar Ozbun
Alto Sax Benjamin Burdick-Rutz
Alto Sax Logan LaRue
Alto Sax Angelina Gaff
Alto Sax Kevin Vann
Alto Sax Matthew Cvar
Alto Sax Alex Miller
Alto Sax Kennedy Cornwell
Alto Sax Marleene Nguyen
Alto Sax Augustin Resendiz
Tenor Sax David Tillman
Tenor Sax Savannah Schaffer
Tenor Sax Trevor Sliwienski
Tenor Sax Shaun Donley
Tenor Sax Ubaldo Ceballos
Tenor Sax Sydney Huff
Bari. Sax. Matthew Klint
Bari. Sax. Reggie Gibson
Trumpet Robert Dunn
Trumpet Jassmyn Lopez
Trumpet Anthony Arreola
Trumpet Kathryn Vann
Trumpet Justin Hartley
Trumpet Ian Saites
Trombone Kamaile Elderts
Trombone Angelo Ilagan
Trombone Jada Fonseca
Trombone Kainoa Elderts
Trombone John Burdick-Rutz
Trombone Jayson Chappell
Drum Set Damien Broadhead
Drum Set Nate Sanders
Drum Set Douglas Stevens
Drum Set Abigail Jorgenson
Guitar Soren Crisell
Guitar/Piano Yubean Kim
Guitar/Bass Austin Hinkey
Bass Josh Glussman
Bass Caleigh Steele
Piano Tanner Bowls

4th Period Concert/Jazz Combo Results for 2017-18

Instrument/Equipment First Name Last Name
Flute Rhianna Long
Flute Chelsy Ngo
Oboe Charmaine Tan
Clarinet Lauren Behrends
Clarinet Max Gonsalves
Clarinet Kaylie Mason
Clarinet Madison Spielman
Alto Sax Evelyn Aguirre Vargas
Alto Sax Christopher Brown
Alto Sax Jordyn Eovito
Alto Sax/Bassoon Katharine Archer
Alto Sax Lexi Luna
Tenor Sax Truman (James) Denney
Tenor Sax Cruz Gonsalves
Tenor Sax Anjali Madan
Tenor Sax/Bass Clarinet Diego Rodriguez-Willie
Bari. Sax. Lyric Travers
Trumpet Lauren Buckley
Trumpet Madison Mackay
Trumpet Daniel Mainayur
Trumpet Matt Norwood
Trumpet Eduardo Ramirez
Trumpet Chandler Rice
Trumpet/F. Horn Rachel Dormanen
F. Horn Ethan Marion
Trombone Alexander Cornwell
Trombone Sara Sweatt
Trombone/Flute Jennifer Bell
Drum Set/Percussion Kai Boles
Drum Set/Percussion Shelby Lundquist
Drum Set/Percussion Elana Monzon
Guitar Trevor Branstetter
Bass/Alto Sax Lucas Carrasco
Piano Jordan Craite
Piano/Flute Irin Shim


The 2017-18 Spirit of Great Oak

(Spring Training Results)


Please note:  If you do not see your name below, it is most likely because we did not receive your registration form.

Instrument/Equipment First Name Last Name
Drum Major Savannah Schaffer
Drum Major Andrew Miller
Drum Major Matthew Klint
Drum Major Mindy Thrasher
Flute Gabriela Arreola
Flute Bradley Beggs
Flute Sophia Bove
Flute Geena Han
Flute Erin Holmes
Flute Taylor Koll
Flute Rhianna Long
Flute Daniela Lopez
Flute Chelsy Ngo
Flute Alana Myers
Flute Sara Gamboa
Flute Nariya McGee
Flute Clara Lee
Flute Adiana Arreola
Flute Jane Burdick-Rutz
Flute Emily Clark
Flute Adela Gonzales
Flute Grace Gonzales
Flue Rachel Ruiz
Flute Irin Shim
Flute Katie Warren
Clarinet Lauren Behrends
Clarinet Raphael Camantigue
Clarinet Madeline Meiss
Clarinet Lori Parker
Clarinet Lydia Pedrego
Clarinet Ethan Hathorn
Clarinet Aaliyah Angeles
Clarinet Max Gonsalves
Clarinet Simon Xiong
Alto Sax Gabrielle Cason
Alto Sax Marisa Martinez
Alto Sax Alex Miller
Alto Sax Cynthia Soto
Alto Sax Dean Arendon
Alto Sax Kennedy Cornwell
Alto Sax Angelina Gaff
Alto Sax Logan LaRue
Alto Sax Karl Adriano
Alto Sax Victor Magallanes
Alto Sax Chayanin Suksunpantep
Alto Sax Robert Pedrego
Alto Sax Erica (Keiko) Dickens
Tenor Sax Mark Martin
Tenor Sax Trevor Sliwienski
Tenor Sax Cruz Gonsalves
Bari Sax Lyric Travers
Bari Sax John Worthy
Bass Clarinet Tess Nguyen
Bass Clarinet Katrina Garay
Bass Clarinet Jacob (JT) Smith
Bass Clarinet Katharine Archer
Bass Clarinet Diego Rodriguez-Willie
Trumpet Anthony Arreola
Trumpet Eduardo Ramirez
Trumpet Ian Saites
Trumpet Kathryn Vann
Trumpet Kyle Donlan
Trumpet Benjamin Laase
Trumpet Madison Mackay
Trumpet Chandler Rice
Trumpet Jasmine Vasquez
Trumpet Zachary Almoraz
Trumpet Giordano Capotosto
Trumpet Eugene Cha
Trumpet Jakob Ketelsleger
Trumpet Lorenzo Romero
Horn/Mello Rachel Dormanen
Horn/Mello Avery Snyder
Horn/Mello Abigail Jorgenson
Horn/Mello Jassmyn Lopez
Horn/Mello Katelyn Lopez
Horn/Mello Ethan Marion
Trombone Luke Behrends
Trombone Maelyn Boeck
Trombone Jayson Chappell
Trombone Angelo Ilagan
Trombone Angelo Kristian
Trombone Kamaile Elderts
Trombone Caden Grauff-Hollenkamp
Trombone Rian Johns
Trombone Alexander Cornwell
Trombone Anthony Moedano
Baritone Ben Laase
Baritone Aaron Thielemann
Baritone Bri Lozano
Baritone Claire Sevre
Tuba Nicholas Stauffer
Tuba Justin Hartley
Tuba Nocolaus Coronado
Tuba Gabriel Fragozo
Battery Shelby Lundquist
Battery Nate Sanders
Battery Michael Talluto
Battery Madyson Nikolaus
Battery Robert De La Torre
Battery Reggie Gibson
Battery James Taylor
Battery Jacob Sampang
Battery Douglas Stevens
Battery Steffen Fallini
Battery Alivia Lundquist
Battery Lauren Etheridge
Battery Jakob Weinrich
Battery Damien Broadhead
Battery Aaron Miller
Battery Ayden Keodara
Battery Kai Boles
Battery Carter Burgon
Battery Adrian Delgado
Battery Dylan Hartley
Battery Aragon Ibanez
Battery Nickolas Johnson
Battery Seamus Murphy
Battery Evan Etheridge
Front Ensemble Jennifer Bell
Front Ensemble Gennevieve Garcia
Front Ensemble Alec Anton
Front Ensemble Katrina Gonzalez
Front Ensemble Caelyn Sobie
Front Ensemble Olivia Tom
Front Ensemble Damien Broadhead
Front Ensemble Benjamin Doerges
Front Ensemble Wilfred Vrandel Garcia
Front Ensemble Marisol Rivera-Ramirez
Front Ensemble David St. Onge
Front Ensemble Evan Bowers
Front Ensemble Lucas Carrasco
Front Ensemble Priscilla Gilbert
Front Ensemble Lexi Luna
Front Ensemble Bryant Srioudom
Front Ensemble Jericho Swe
Color Guard Savannah Anderson
Color Guard Gillian Bowers
Color Guard Madelyn Desso
Color Guard Yzabelle Santulan
Color Guard Seaenna Simpson
Color Guard Nichole St. Onge
Color Gaurd Julissa Briseno
Color Guard Teresa Dinverno
Color Guard Angelina Garcia
Color Guard Megan Grauff-Hollenkamp
Color Guard Robin Gruer
Color Guard Robin Gruer
Color Guard Tucker Matheny
Color Guard Aurora Nelson
Color Guard Skylar Rivas
Color Guard Rosa Stewart
Color Guard Ariana Veeja
Color Gaurd Lacey Brunke
Color Guard Maddy Curtis
Color Guard Abbygale Flores
Color Guard Leanna Gan
Color Guard Kathleen Sagun
Color Guard Josefine Visitacion
Color Guard Magen Gondar
Color Guard Natalia Donlan
Color Guard Juliette Sergent
Color Guard Annalise Steinmann


Leadership Workshop and Writing Requirements