The SPIRIT of Great Oak

Building the Human Spirit Through Performance

Upcoming Events For:
March 19th-March 25th

Thursday: 7th Period (2:45-3:00 PM)
Varsity Letter Test Prep

Friday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM)
Varsity Letter Test Admin

Saturday: WGI Western States Championship Drum Line Prelime @ CSU San Bernardino

07:40 AM Departure from Temecula
09:10 AM Eestimated Arrive in hair, make-up & half dress (meet at trailers)
10:20 AM Move to Warm-up in Lot F
10:50 AM Warm-ups
11:50 AM Move to Ramp Staging
12:00 AM Move to Tunnel Staging

12:10 PM Performance
12:20 PM Pack & Restore
01:30 PM Move Trailers to Overnight Location

WGASC Winter Guard Competition at Riverside King High School

11:00 AM Rehearsal (GOHS Gym)
01:00 PM Pack & Load
01:30 PM Lunch, Make-up, hair, costume
03:00 PM Depart from Temecula
04:00 PM Arrival, Check in and off-load
05:00 PM Warm ups
06:20 PM Wrap up and Move to Staging
06:29 PM Staging
06:39 PM Performance
06:50 PM Pack up & Load
07:00 PM Awards and Food ($)
07:27 PM Awards

Sunday: WGI Western States Championship Finals @ Cal State San Bernardino

Performance Window: 11:00 AM-12:50 PM
* groups will perform in reverse order of score

Hair & Make-up
Move to Warm-up
Move to Staging
Pack & Restore
Move Trailers to Overnight Location

The Spirit of Great Oak in London 2012-13
Click on the Video Above to View

Congratulations to the Spirit of Great Oak for another "Crowning Achievement!"  Click on the link above to learn more about how you can take part in the performance adventure to the United Kingdom!