The SPIRIT of Great Oak

Building the Human Spirit Through Performance

Upcoming Events For:
Feb. 19th-25th

Monday: No School (Presidents Weekend)

Winter Drum Line (2-5 & 6-9 PM)
Winter Guard (6-9 PM)

Tuesday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM) Ensemble

Wednesday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM) Challenger Auditions

Thursday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM)


Friday: 7th Period (2:45-4:00 PM)

WGI Set-up (Phase 1)

6-9 PM WGI Set-up (Phase 2)

Saturday: WGI Temecula Regional Prelims
(hosted by The Spirit of Great Oak)
PSO Drum Line Rehearsal Schedule

09:00 AM Visual Rehearsal (VRMS?)
11:30 AM Pack & Load
12:00 PM Lunch Break/Uniform & Make-up
01:00 PM Sectionals
01:30 PM Ensemble
02:00 PM Move to Staging
02:10 PM Staging
02:20 PM Performance
02:30 PM Equipment and Props Restore & Floor Folding
02:45 PM Change
03:30 PM Await Scores/Food
04:00 PM Watch Pulse & Pow

Sunday: WGI Temecula Regional Finals
(hosted by The Spirit of Great Oak)
Performance Schedule TBA

Upcoming Events For:
Feb. 26th-March 4th

Monday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM) Ensemble

Tuesday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM) Woodwinds & Percussion

Wednesday: N0 7th Period 

Thursday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM)
Brass & Percussion

Friday: 7th Period (2:45-3:30 PM) Ensemble

Sunday: WGASC Winter Guard Competition at Murrieta Valley HS

AM Schedule TBA
12:00 PM Load & Depart
12:30 PM ETA @ MVHS
01:00 PM Sectionals
01:45 PM Ensemble
02:20 PM Move to Staging
02:30 PM Staging
02:42 PM Performance
02:50 PM Equipment and Props & Floor Folding
03:15 PM Change
03:30 PM Await Awards/Food
04:08 PM Awards

04:45 PM Depart

The Spirit of Great Oak in London 2012-13
Click on the Video Above to View

Congratulations to the Spirit of Great Oak for another "Crowning Achievement!"  Click on the link above to learn more about how you can take part in the performance adventure to the United Kingdom!