Join us for the 2017 Winter Guard Camp

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The Great Oak Winter Color Guard

The Sport of the Arts




What is Color Guard?


What are the Benefits of Being in Color Guard?


Winter Guard Camp:


Join us for the annual color guard camp at Great Oak High School.

You will learn a dance and flag routine; meet new friends; and learn the joy of performing for spectators in a fun atmosphere.


Winter Guard Camp Dates:



Preview of Champions Performance:


03:30 PM    Ticket Sales ($5) Open (Children & Students Free with ID)

04:00 PM    Welcome

04:05 PM    Great Oak Junior Varsity Winter Guard Performance

04:15 PM    Great Oak Varsity Winter Guard Performance

04:25 PM    Great Oak Winter Guard Camp Performances

04:35 PM    Jr. High Drum Line Performance

04:50 PM    Carlsbad H.S. Drum Line

05:00 PM    Chaparral H.S. Drum Line

05:05 PM    Great Oak High School Drum Line

05:15 PM    Group Photos

05:30 PM    Have a Great Evening!


 Can I Register for Winter Guard Camp Now?

Is Color Guard Something I can do in High School?

When you attend Great Oak High School, be sure to connect with a performance group and/or athletic team. Also get involved in school clubs and organizations.  Colleges, Universities and the Military are seeking individuals who are committed to organizations all 4 years of high school.  Why?  They want you to be committed to them for 4 or more years too!


Color Guard is a class in which you can earn Fine Arts, and PE Credit for.  Want to know how you can get involved?  Read on...


Color Guard Auditions for 2017-18

April 24th & 26th; May 1st & 3rd (6:00-8:00pm); and "Kindness Rally," Performance May 5th (Time TBA)

All Routines will be provided and taught by the coaches

wear comfortable clothing including a white T-Shirt with your first name drawn on both sides


Can I earn P.E. and Fine Arts Credit?

Color Guard can earn up to 1 year of P.E. Credit

Color Guard can additionally earn up to 2 years of Fine Arts Credit


What Class Should I Sign Up For?

All Freshman Color Guard Members need to sign up for Int. Band in the Fall & Spring (Semester A & B).


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Rehearsal Schedule for the Spirit of Great Oak?

Marching Band & Color Guard truly is the “Sport of the Arts”  

Like all of our sports teams, it requires practice after school (6-9 PM) and commitment to the weekend Competitions


A student should not be in The Spirit of Great Oak if they can not commit to

practices or Competitions.  Below is our rehearsal schedule:


Do members need to be at Summer Camp?

Yes.  It is expected that every member of the team will be involved critical time of learning.  

90% of the members who arrive to campus late, or do not attend summer camp become

overwhelmed, fall behind and give up.  Set yourself up for success - plan ahead.