2017 Spirit of Great Oak

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Spring Training Audition Dates Have Concluded

The Next Training/Audition Time is: June 5th-9th Camp

April 24th & April 26   4:30-5:45 (Concert & Jazz Ensemble)   6:00-8:00 (Marching Band & Guard)

May 3rd                         4:00-5:45 (Concert & Jazz Ensemble)   6:00-8:00 (Marching Band & Guard)

May 5th                         5:00-7:00 ("Kindness Matters" Performance in the GOHS Stadium)


If you are moving to Great Oak from out of State, or if you missed the auditions for The Concert or Jazz Ensembles please email the Director to inquire about an audition day, date, and details of what to perform:  jburdick-rutz@tvusd.k12.ca.us


Frequently Asked Questions: 


Concert & Jazz Ensemble (s)


Concert Ensemble:  woodwinds, brass, & Percussion will learn excerpts from "Fantastic Beasts," (measures 1-23) in a clinic session the first week, and will be invited back to audition the following week (Wed. May 3rd).


Jazz Ensemble:  woodwinds (Alto, Tenor & Bari. Sax.), brass (trumpet & trombone), rhythm section (Drum Set, Piano, Guitar & Bass) will learn materials in a clinic session the first week, and will be invited back to audition the following week (Wed. May 3rd).


Concert Scales to Practice:  Major: C, F, Bb, Eb, & Ab and Chromatic: 1-2 Octaves.

Blues Scales to Practice: C, F, Bb, Eb, and Ab


C: c scale.aiff  F: f blues.aiff   Bb: b flat.aiff  Eb:  e flat.aiff Ab: a flat.aiff Chromatic Scale:  f chromatic.aiff


Jazz Rhythm Section:  Accompany woodwind & brass auditions on Major & Blues Scales and on prepared music.


Drum Set:  Prepare the following patterns and perform 4-8 measures.  4/4 swing, 4/4 rock; 4/4 latin; 3/4 swing; 5/4 swing (e.g. take five).


2017 Concert Band Prepared Music: Selections from "Fantastic Beasts:"  https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&productID=10689038


2017 Jazz Prepared Music:  Early Afternoon Blues: early afternoon solo emphasis.aiff  & Moondance:  Moondance Solo Emphasis.aiff.  Be prepared to take a 12 bard or 8 bar solo, respectively, in each of these pieces.

Marching Band


The Next Audition Time is: June 5th-9th Camp



Marching Video Submittal:  The final process for all woodwinds, brass, and Drum Battery audition candidates will be submitting a video of themselves completing a "box drill," exercise while playing a pre-determined exercise (provided by the Director or Instructor).


Wind Players Marching Routine:  Parade Rest; Attention; Mark Time 8; Instrument up to playing position in counts 5, 6, 7; Forward March 8; forward slide or crab left 8; backwards march 8; forward slide or crab right 8; mark time 8; Halt; Instruments down in 4 counts; Parade Rest. 


Wind Players Perform this routine while playing the Bb Concert Scale (Bb up to F) in whole notes; play the Bb concert scale in eighth notes (slur 2, tongue 2) while marking time in the final 8 counts.


You will prepare this as a section and be tested on it when we return for June Camp (final audition selections will be made then):  Mon-Fri June 5th-9th, 2017


Sample Video:  https://youtu.be/kUUaPKr_-gc


Color Guard & Drum Line (Front Ensemble) will be ongoing each week.  All material and routines will be provided and worked on each M/W.  Additional Times may be added to supplement more time.


Woodwinds & Brass will learn materials in a clinic session the first two weeks, and be invited to individually audition on Music and Marching in the June Camp. 


Major Scales:  C, F, Bb, Eb, or Ab Major (Tempo Qtr. Note = 100-120).  Slur 2, tongue 2.  Prepare all of them, we will select 1-2 for you to play in your audition.


Chromatic Scale:  Play at least 1 octave.  Ideally, demonstrate your range (start on your lowest note, play to your highest note).


Prepared Pieces The Great Oak Fight Song; Pep Tunes; Celebration; In the Stone


Prepared Solo:  Select one of the examples from your instrument (below).  If you are auditioning for a section leader role select #10 (the most challenging etude).  If you are auditioning for 1st part select #9 (the second most challenging etude).  If you are auditioning 2nd part select #8, and 3rd Part should select #6 or #7.

Flute: Flute.Auditions.pdf (Listen to the sample flute performance from Jasmine Lee:  #6: Flute.6.m4a  #7: Flute.7.m4a #8: Flute.8.m4a #9: Flute.9.m4a #10: Flute.10.m4a)

Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Clarinet.BC.Auditions.pdf

Alto Sax: Sax.Auditions.pdf

Tenor Sax: Sax.Auditions.pdf

Bari. Sax: Sax.Auditions.pdf

Trumpet/Baritone (Treble Clef): Tpt.Baritone.Auditions.pdf

F Horn: F.Horn.Auditions.pdf

Trombone: Tenor.Brass.Auditions.pdf

Baritone: Tenor.Brass.Auditions.pdf

Tuba: Tuba.Auditions.pdf



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Circle what grade you will be in next fall:   8th 9th 10th 11th 12th


Circle which School are you currently at: Gardner   Vail    GOHS    Other:________




Circle which Ensemble(s) you are auditioning for:   Concert   Jazz  Spirit of Great Oak


Circle the instrument/section you are auditioning for in the ensembles indicated above:


Woodwinds: Flute    Oboe    Clarinet    Bassoon    Bass Clarinet    Alto   Tenor   or  Bari. Sax


Brass:           Trumpet    Horn/Mello    Trombone    Baritone    Tuba


Drum Line:   Snare   Bass    Tenor     or   Tom Drum   


Front Ensemble: Marimba  Vibes   Xylo   Bells    Keyboard/Synth   Drum Set   Bass  Aux.



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